Should I use CloudFlare with WordPress?

CloudFlare is offered as a free add-on by many Webhosts. But what is CloudFlare and should you activate it for your WordPress blog or Website?

In its simplest form, CloudFlare is a service that optimizes Websites to load faster for Website visitors in addition to providing additional security against hacking. CloudFlare provides faster Website loading speeds as it automatically optimizes the Website content to be delivered quicker as well as delivering content from the closest CloudFlare location to the visitor (CloudFlare has a Content Delivery Network/CDN and has a location in Sydney, Australia).

CloudFlare provides additional security through using data and visitor characteristics diagnosed via it’s vast client base. For example, CloudFlare may well know that a hacker operates via a certain IP address and will therefore block traffic from that specific IP address.

WordPress Website security and speed benefit greatly from using CloudFlare. Using CloudFlare makes sense too from an SEO perspective as Search Engines use Webpage load speed as an SEO ranking factor.

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