How to stop spam comments WITHOUT a captcha

The number of ‘bots that trawl the web leaving spam comments and submitting contact forms is massive.

Akismet is a great solution for identifying and elimination spam comments on WordPress websites. But what about identifying and preventing spam comment form submissions?

To prevent ‘bots from submitting comment form spam a captcha may be added to a form. The problem with a captcha is they can be difficult for genuine visitors to read and, more than anything, your visitors will find them annoying.

Preventing comment form spam with Gravity Forms

There is another solution that may be used that doesn’t involve recaptcha fields; Gravity Forms, a very popular WordPress contact form plugin comes with an option for each form called Anti-spam Honeypot. What this option does is enable a field that is visible only to bots. If the field is filled then the form isn’t recorded by Gravity Forms.

Preventing comment form spam with Jetpack Forms

If your forms needs are fairly simple (which is the case with most forms) then the JetpackContact Form is a very simple means of preventing contact form spam. Best of all, if you have Akismet enabled on your Site, every form submission will automatically run through Akismet to identify spam contact form submissions.

There we have it. Two ways of adding a contact form to your site and getting no contact form spam without using a Captcha field.

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