How to reduce the size of your website images

Don’t reduce your website speed due to images but reduce the size of your images. I mentioned the need to have as few images on your WordPress website as possible. Although images can be good for SEO (in that your images may show in Google image Search results), on the whole images tend to make websites slow to load which is bad for website visitor retention.

Two ways to improve image SEO for your website

The process for image optimization involves two steps; reduce the number of images on your website and make the remaining images as small in filesize as possible.

  1. Reducing the number of images is as simple as removing unneeded images and, for example, using icon fonts in place of images where possible.
  2. Reducing image sizes involves two steps:
      Make sure that your image dimensions are as small as they can be (resizing images using HTML should be avoided).
      Use lossless compression for all images (lossless compression makes the image filesize smaller without reducing quality).

How to automatically reduce image sizes in WordPress

There are various free tools available that will help with reducing your image sizes through lossless compression. Online tools include; Yahoo!, and Compressnow. If you really want to make life simple then imstall and activate the WP plugin which will optimize images as you upload them to your WordPress website.

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