How to move WordPress to a new domain

I am often employed by clients to move their WordPress website to a new domain.

The most common reasons for this are that the clients business has changed name or the clients business has expanded and they require a new TLD domain such as .com.

As WordPress uses absolute URLs as opposed to relative URLs (e.g. is an example of an absolute URL and /contact is the relative URL), reliably changing the domain isn’t as simple as changing a single setting in WordPress.

People often change the WordPress Address (URL) field at Dashboard -> Settings -> General to the new domain name which makes the website inaccessible. Although changing the WordPress Address (URL) field is one step in changing the domain name for a WordPress website there are other equally important changes that are needed such as setting up the new domain name as an addon domain, changing the new domain DNS A-Records (or nameservers) and changing all URLs in widgets, CSS and other places.

If you’re unsure how to move your WordPress website to a new domain then contact us for help.

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