How do I know if WordPress has been hacked?

WordPress has been hacked. Occasionally I get asked for help in recovering a WordPress website from being hacked. When I look at the website it’s immediately obvious that the website hasn’t been hacked but  there are styling issues or coding conflicts. These types of false warnings often occur if updates aren’t applied often or else the website has been coded badly. Of WordPress websites that have been hacked, here is what is most often seen.

Google shows links and a description for a different site

Hackers may want to direct your web traffic to their chosen website. To do this they gain access to your website files or database and place some code in the website files or database that redirects traffic from search results to a site of the hackers choosing.
When you go directly to your website all appears normal however when you go to your website from a search engine such as Google or Bing you land up at a Viagra selling site or similar.

My website says that I’ve been hacked

It’s most often very easy to tell if your website has been hacked; there will be a message when you visit your website that you’ve been hacked.
Hackers take over websites for various reasons but often hackers will want to publicise a political or religious cause and will hack a website and place their propaganda on the website.

WordPress itself is very rarely hacked if all updates are applied (Brian Krebs, a leading Online Security commentator uses WordPress for his Website as does McAfee) .

Most often hackers get access to WordPress files or the MySQL database through the webhost or plugins or themes that haven’t been updated.

It really is critical to ensure that you have regular backups taken of your Website and the database. VaultPress, by the developers of WordPress offer a great backup service.

If your site is hacked it’s far less expensive to restore from a backup rather than clean a site of malicious code. If your WordPress Website is hacked we can help.

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