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Get started with your recipe website

The great news is that WordPress is very well suited for publishing recipes and food reviews. Not only is it quick and easy to get your recipes onto the Internet

How much does WordPress SEO cost

Free. That is how much WordPress SEO needs to cost. WordPress is incredibly well coded in that it is very easy for Search Engines such as Google and Bing to

Which DNS to choose

Choosing a good DNS host has a direct impact on both your WordPress SEO and conversion rates. A DNS host is like a navigation device as it lets visitors looking

Does Google Pagerank matter?

Google Pagerank was the first ranking measure used by Google. Google would calculate a score for each website based predominantly on the number of backlinks (other websites that link to

How long does SEO take?

Optimizing your WordPress website for SEO is an ongoing endeavour. Basic SEO activities such as adding adding Meta Descriptions for each Page and Post as well as adding alternate text

How often you should Blog

Blogging is excellent for SEO; the more high quality content you have on your WordPress website, the better the chance that your content will show in the Search Engine Results

Do I need a Plugin for WordPress SEO?

There are hundreds of SEO Plugins available for WordPress. Many people use one or many Plugins for SEO on their WordPress Websites. The question however is if you really need