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How do I know if WordPress has been hacked?

WordPress has been hacked. Occasionally I get asked for help in recovering a WordPress website from being hacked. When I look at the website it’s immediately obvious that the website

How to add Font Awesome to WordPress

Using icons in place of images makes alot of sense. For one, icons load lots faster than images (great for SEO) and secondly it’s simple to change the colour and

What to do with a WordPress database error

When trying to view your WordPress website do see the Error establishing a database connection message? Fortunately the end of the world isn’t nigh. This is merely a message that

How to update WordPress – the easy way

Updating WordPress software, plugins and themes is very simple. For awhile now WordPress has included a notification when an update is available as well as a very quick and convenient

Where to get the best free blog

As this is a WordPress focused website you’ll be expecting that we’ll advise anyone looking to start a free blog to go with Surprise … this is not our

Help an update has broken WordPress?

You applied a WordPress software, theme or plugin update and now your website looks strange or doesn’t work properly. Unfortunately this is a fairly common occurrence and usually happens as

The difference between Weebly and WordPress

You’ve decided to setup your own website and are flipping between Weebly and WordPress. Here is some key information you need to know before deciding on which platform to use.

Why does WordPress cost so much?

Yes WordPress software is free. There are also thousands of free plugins that add functionality and themes available for no cost. WordPress software is also very quick to install. So

5 celebrities that use WordPress

A wide range or organizations and people choose to use WordPress for their websites. Here are five celebrities from musicians to sports stars that use WordPress websites. Katy Perry In

How to show a Tweet in a Post

You may wish to show a Tweet within a WordPress page or post. Fortunately this is easy to do and there are several ways of doing this. Here are two