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Hosting – Linux or Windows?

You’re setting up a WordPress Website. You’ve chosen shared hosting but the host asks if you want Linux (also called Apache hosting) or Windows (also called IIS hosting). You’ll never

Fix 404 error on all Pages except Home

What to do if suddenly all Pages on your WordPress website return a 404 ‘not found’ error except your Home Page? This error is often caused by a change made on

How to move WordPress to a new domain

I am often employed by clients to move their WordPress website to a new domain. The most common reasons for this are that the clients business has changed name or

Why aren’t I getting emails from WordPress?

Yesterday I described how to set the default email address for contact forms within WordPress. Another, however different, issue is that you may not be receiving emails sent from WordPress

Can I host more than 1 website on my webhost?

So you have a few Websites and an equal number of webhosting accounts. Well here is how to save money; get a single webhost account where you may host multiple

Should I use CloudFlare with WordPress?

CloudFlare is offered as a free add-on by many Webhosts. But what is CloudFlare and should you activate it for your WordPress blog or Website? In its simplest form, CloudFlare

Should you choose Plesk or Cpanel for WordPress hosting?

When choosing hosting for your WordPress website you may come across the terms Plesk or Cpanel. These two products are software that make setting up websites and the associated technologies

How to find if your website is responsive

We’ve previously explained what a responsive website is. Following that article a number of people contacted us to ask how they can tell if their WordPress website is responsive. Fortunately

Does WordPress need HTTPS?

If you are transferring sensitive information from your website to another website (e.g. if you use WordPress for ecommerce and take credit card payments within your website) or are storing

3 best security prevention information resources

As you’re reading this post you’re are of the need for security for your website. Having your website hacked costs alot of money to restore your website and often affects