Why aren’t I getting emails from WordPress?

Yesterday I described how to set the default email address for contact forms within WordPress. Another, however different, issue is that you may not be receiving emails sent from WordPress (or your website contact form). In almost all cases it isn’t that WordPress itself has a problem or that the emails aren’t being sent but there are two other common causes.

The reason that you aren’t receiving your WordPress emails

The first reason that you may not be receiving your website emails is that there is a problem with your webhost where the functionality is broken or doesn’t exist to send emails. WordPress uses some PHP code called wp_mail to send emails via your webservers email. If your host doesn’t allow for sending email via this means then your WordPress emails won’t be sent.

A more common reason that you may not be receiving email sent from WordPress is because you use shared hosting. Most websites run on shared hosting due to the cost benefits and shared hosting from good webhosts works really well. The problem with shared hosting is that you use the same IP address as many other websites. What this means is that if one of the other websites on the shared hosting is deemed a spammer by junk mail filters, then emails sent from the webserver (i.e. your website) will also be seen as spam.

How to fix WordPress emails not being received

Luckily it’s easy to configure your website to use an SMTP server to send your email; this means that you may use Gmail, Outlook.com, Zoho Mail, Godaddy Mail and most other email services to send your WordPress emails. Two plugins that work well in delivering email from your website are Easy WP SMTP and WP SMTP.

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