How to add Google Analytics to WordPress

Understanding how many visitors read your content, where visitors are from and which content visitors spend the most time on is important in optimizing your Website. After all, if you don’t know what is and isn’t working on your blog or website how do you know what to improve.

Fortunately there are a number of good and free web analytics services. One of these is the analytics provided by with the Jetpack plugin however the analytics provided is fairly basic.

The most popular free analytics service is the very thorough Google Analytics.

For most small websites or blogs the analytics provides more than enough visitor data however for more in-depth data then you’ll need to use Google Analytics.

Installing Google Analytics code in a WordPress website or blog is very easy.

The best way of installing the code is by using a plugin. Here are two plugins that I’ve used often on WordPress Sites:

  • Google Analytics for WordPress: This is a popular Google Analytics plugin with advanced features such as allowing visitors logged in to the site to be excluded from the data.
  • Google Analytics: A simple to use Google Analytics plugin that works well. Doesn’t have any advanced features but is really simple to install and use and does what it’s meant to do.

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