7 Tips For Your WordPress Home Page Design

Your wordpress homepage design is the first impression you make on visitors… so make it count!

Here are 7 tips to help you layout your design so that it sells them on you, your business or service.

Tip #1:  Keep It Simple

Unless you have the funds to hire designers that have studied user/site interaction inside & out, it’s best to keep your home page simple. You want to make sure that they visitors “get” what your site is about, what your product or service is and how you can help them!

Simple and clean designs will simply and clearly communicate the benefit you provide and they will be easy for new visitors to navigate.

Using sliders and featured pages/featured post plugins help give your WordPress site visual appeal with simplicity in mind.

Tip #2:  Keep Your Content Short

When it comes to the home page, you want to keep your content short and in bite size nuggets for visitors to digest.  Leave the long sales pages and more detailed information for other pages… content on your front page should short and sweet.

Use teasers, image sliders, featured posts widgets and such to give a sneak peek with a link to the rest of the content.  This allows you to “promote” your top stories and pages you want to attract visitors to!

Tip #3:  Include The Important Links

People need to know what your business is all about, how it works (services), how they can participate (memberships), how they can buy (products).  Be sure to include links to pages, posts and other areas where they can find this information!

Tip#4:  Put The Most Important Content Above The Fold

Display top articles, appealing products, things that “pop” above the fold!  Obviously, this is what a visitor will see first and you want to try and pull them in and want to scroll down to see what else you may offer.

Eye mapping research shows that the majority of visitors read from left to right (just like a book) so you’ll want to position your most valuable content on the left.

Contact forms, or opt-in forms, should be placed on the right, also above the fold, to catch a readers attention.  Use bold, attraction getting colors if you can and create an offer that irresistible or give away an ebook or report that will be of value!

Tip #5:  Keep Your Home Page Current

It goes without saying that you want your home page to display recent activity letting the viewer know this is an active blog.

A good idea is to include a widget that shows recent activity streams from Facebook or Twitter (as long as you’re keeping up with your social media efforts!).  A Featured Posts widget will automatically post your most recent posts as well!

Tip #6:  Create A Design That Reflects Your Brand Image

Brand consistency is important so you’ll want to select a design template that incorporates your logo, colors, etc. and is a reflection of your brand!

Also, be consistent across all platforms using the same design and colors on social media platforms, email marketing, etc.

Tip #7:  Include a Featured Image On Your Homepage

Aside from the benefit of visual appeal, this is important for sharing content.  When you or someone shares your website via Facebook or Google+, a thumbnail image will be pulled from your site (websites pull your thumbnail images) to go alongside it.

Include images that are eye-catching and reflect what the content is about!

These 7 tips should help you create a great home page with the elements you’ll need to pull visitors in and engage them with your content!

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