6 Ways to Promote Your Website – easily

Great, you have a website . But, how do start to get lots of new visitors? Here are six sure ways to boost your website.

The best SEO you can do

If there is one thing you are going to do for your website SEO then adding schema is what you should be doing. Google, Bing and Yahoo have all put their weight behind the schema.org specification which will help place your website higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Best of all, we’ve created an easy to use way to create the necessary information for your website; Just head on over to our free structured data creators and follow the instructions.

You’ve got information to share via a Blog

If you have a website then you are a specialist in something. Why not share ideas, tips and tricks or news via blogging. If you have a WordPress website then it’s very little effort to setup a blog. Blogging takes a few minutes and increases customer loyalty as well as keeping Search Engines interested through frequent content being added to your website.

Email newsletters get you customers

Email newsletters are incredibly popular. Best of all, email newsletters can be automated, right from adding a sign-up form to your WordPress website through to sending your latest blogs to subscribers. Mailchimp even offer a totally free to use service that is very effective in keeping in contact with interested parties (you may even import your own list of subscribers right into MailChimp).

Update your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin while sleeping

Did you know that Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Pinterest can all be automatically updated with your latest blog content as your content is published. It’s now so easy to update your social media without having to do anything but blog. People interested in your content engage with various social media. Don’t lose potential interested parties by excluding some social media when updating many services can be automated.

Use your email signature to promote your website

Most people include their website URL in their email signature. This is necessary but why not add some enticing words that will make people visit your site. Why not add a line to your signature saying something like have you seen our exciting new services – see what all the fuss is about at www.quickwptips.com .

Your plumber does it and so should you!

Sometimes we forget that traditional marketing methods are very beneficial in promoting our websites. Your local plumber, gardener or electrician probably has a sticker on his/her car with their business details. Do the same, head to your printer or even check on ebay and get a sticker made up promoting your website. Add the sticker to the back of your car.

There are so many quick and easy ways to promote your website. If you need help with blogging or anything else to do with WordPress then contact the WordPress experts.

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