5 reasons WordPress is best for SEO

Without wasting time, here is a quick list of 5 things that WordPress is awesome at for SEO:


Many websites have URLs such as http://example.com/?=833486 or http://example.com/page/index.html . For SEO we really want the search engines to understand from the URL what the page is about; in other words a few keywords are better in the URL. Also people won’t remember to add the file extension if going directly to a webpage so .htm, .html, .asp, .php and so on really hinder a visitors ability to access a page.

WordPress permalink

WordPress provides various ways of automatically structuring permalinks and best of all the title of the page or post may be used as the default permalink (called pretty permalinks)

GPL codebase

WordPress is GPL code which means that anyone is able to view the code and amend the code for their own purposes. In addition, WordPress uses jQuery, HTML and PHP code which is the web standard with major sites such as Google and Facebook also being coded with  jQuery, HTML and PHP. The use of open source code and common scripts means that it’s simpler for the search engines to index content.



WordPress used to be most well known as blogging software before people realised that WordPress is the best way to create all sorts of website. Many websites created with WordPress still use the blogging functionality as blogging is awesome for SEO; blogging means more related content on your website and by using categories and tags, similar content is grouped which helps Google, Bing and other search engines understand your content better.

RSS Feeds

If you blog using WordPress then you have an RSS feed that is automatically created and updated as soon as you publish a post. Search engines use feeds as a sitemap and determination of there being new content on your website.


WordPress is an open ‘system’ and by default all your content is available for search engines to index. A robots.txt file is a file that search engines recommend that every website has. The file tells search engines what website content they should and shouldn’t index. WordPress makes it easy for search engines as it automatically creates a robots.txt file which notes that everything on the site should be indexed. Search engines come to the site and robots.txt is already there and the file tells the search engines that they may index all the content that they want to.

There are many other SEO reasons to use WordPress but twe had to keep the list above to five

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