3 ways to speed up WordPress – fast

First off, let’s dispel a fallacy; WordPress software isn’t slow. What makes some WordPress websites slow to load are the same reasons that any website may be slow to load; large page weight, slow webhosting, poorly coded plugins or themes, unnecessary code, geographic location (i.e. how far are your visitors from the webhost) and other reasons.
Below are three simple and ongoing activities that you can perform to improve the speed of your website.

Images suck the life out of your website

Well, the heading says it all; images are terrible for page load times. Here are a few activities that will help your SEO when it comes to images:

  1. Use fewer images.
  2. Use the best file format for images; photos need JPG, line drawings such as logos are best in PNG or GIF.
  3. Use lossless compression to optimize images for smaller filesize whilst retaining quality (Yahoo! Smush.it is excellent for this).

Video belongs on YouTube (or Vimeo)

Repeat after me … I promise to never ever deliver video from my webhosting. Video should be uploaded to a specialist video delivery service such as YouTube (has adverts), Vimeo (free and paid options) or VideoPress (no adverts). Storing and serving video from your Webhost absolutely will slow down your website load times.

Fewer Plugins and more updates

Use the bare minimum number of WordPress plugins that you need for functionality and always only use popular plugins that are compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Delete any plugins that are inactive and apply all updates as they become available.

There we go. Follow the activities above and your website will load faster.

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