3 best security prevention information resources

As you’re reading this post you’re are of the need for security for your website. Having your website hacked costs alot of money to restore your website and often affects your SEO significantly (in a negative way).

The old adage of the best cure being prevention is absolutely correct when it comes to websites; it’s totally worth making your site as secure as possible.

Below are three resources that are well worth reading through if you have a WordPress website. They are all reputable and are experienced in dealing with online security:


A non-profit dedicated to fighting malware and hacking. Much of the work of StopBadware is dealing with the prevention of Badware and they therefore have a significant amount of very useful information for webmasters. Partners include Mozilla and Google.


WordPress software, if kept updates, is very secure. Read more about how WordPress can be security hardened even further.

Security related blogs

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on reputable website security related websites. I tend to follow the following in addition to several others; Sophos, Brian Krebs and CloudFlare.

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