3 Areas of Focus To Create Success With Internet Marketing

Looking For Success With Internet Marketing?

When it comes to achieving success with Internet Marketing, it can be daunting to think about all the aspects that go into the planning of a business, specific project or campaign to assure success.

There are so many factors that can impact the level of success you’ll have and it’s imperative that you focus on the right areas when developing your plan.

Here are 3 areas of focus to make sure you cover your bases.

Area #1:  Strategy

Strategy is your overall concept that will guide decision making for the choices you make about your business activities.

Think “big picture” and how all the pieces parts will all come together to create the kind of results you seek.

Think through how you will integrate the various tactics and techniques the will make the strategy come alive and how they can work in tandem with each other to create the most bang for your buck.

Area #2:  Technique

What tactics and marketing techniques will you you’ll employ to get the kind of results you’re looking for?  If you plan to integrate social media into the mix, which of the social media can you use most effectively in tandem with each (tip:  Twitter and LinkedIn can be optimized to ‘connect’ with each other so your efforts on one will show up on the other!).

What other ways can you integrate other tactics?  Will you use a blog as your hub, or base of operations so to speak, and then employ e-mail marketing tactics, article marketing and video marketing to drive traffic to that blog?

Think about how each relates to the other and how they fit into your overall strategy.

Area #3:  Process Management

You need to consider all the steps (or processes) that will take place that will deliver the outcome you’re looking for — and put into place a system to automate as much of that as possible.

For example, lead capture pages with web tracking analytics to track and monitor conversion rates.  How about CMR and autoresponder email messaging to build and develop a relationship with potential customers?

Think through the process that a potential customer will go through and predict the next outcome and be prepared to respond to each step along the way (mapping can be a very beneficial step here!).  Many of the steps are repetitive tasks that can easily be automated with proper systems in place so plan that out carefully.

And don’t forget about developing an “after the sale” follow up process as well.  This is key to developing a long-term sustainable business — make sure the customer is satisfied and then you’ll be on your way to creating customers that come back time and time again!

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